Jul. 5, 2021

Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai-Environment of Positive Growth towards Life

Alcohol abuse is known to be the second most common form of Substance abuse in India, after the consumption of Tobacco. When an individual’s drinking habit causes distress or harm to the environment and to themselves, it is termed as an Alcohol use disorder. According to a survey conducted in 2020, it is estimated that 10% of adult men and 5% of adult women have alcohol use disorder, which has severely caused health problems and led to social problems at work or at home.

Although there are various risks to consumption of alcohol, there remain several benefits as well, however only for a moderate or little amount of consumption. It is evident to the fact that consuming a small amount of alcohol boosts the High-Density Lipoprotein in our body which mainly controls the cholesterol level in our blood, reducing the formation of plaque in our blood vessels.

An alcohol abuse disorder is a quite serious yet a progressive condition. The early symptoms of an alcohol abuse disorder may include drinking more than planned, constant drinking addiction despite the concerns of the surroundings, and often attempts to cut down and relapse to the situation. To get completely intoxicated, the abuser may feel it as a positive and relieved situation. Developing frequent complaints of nausea, vomiting, fatigue and anxiety, this situation can sometimes take a physical toll on the abuser and its surroundings.

Now, there are various treatments available for these alcohol abusers, bringing them into the ultimate light. However, almost all such treatment programs view the dependency of alcohol as a chronic yet progressive disease only insisting upon the completion of the program. In India, there are thousands of rehabilitation centres for alcohol abusers, however, the best to go to is the Alcohol Rehabilitation Centres in Mumbai. One of the largest cities of India and a commercial hub, Mumbai is known for its import and export of high rated alcohol brands across the international market. Hence, as the city being one of the largest exporter and importers of India, the consumption rate here is also substantially Increasing everyday. However, to control these increasing rates of alcohol abuse, in the past decade, many Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers in Mumbai have been on the move.

There are various public and private Alcohol Rehabilitation centres in Mumbai providing therapy and training to the needful. They offer physical, occupational as well as speech therapy processes, and each facility has their own different mode of communication and interaction via various exercise schedules. These rehabilitation centres include:

  • Many such Mumbai based rehabilitation centres offer in-house rehabilitation services, focusing on the therapy process to help their patient’s transition back to their assisted living before the rehab
  • Understanding the critical and long-term process, many centres accept insurances, including Medicare and
  • These centres provide hygienic and clean rooms with healthy three square meals, accessing all sorts of healthy snacks outside their scheduled meal times.

Therefore, there are a number of Alcohol Rehabilitation Centres in Mumbai, understanding and breaking down the process of alcohol addiction and holding the confidence to change the functioning ability of an aggressive and addicted individual. Believing in the tenure provided to them and to their expert counselors and staff, one can indeed improve their capabilities and can come into the light again being healthier and happier.